Local residents are angry with the decision to close their local branch.

The Branch closed temporarily eight weeks ago and local residents were told that staff had been transferred to a call centre as a result of COVID19 and staff shortages.

Local residents became suspicious and realised it was bulls**t when they saw Regents Park staff working at the Chester Hill branch.

Small businesses and many older and long term customers of the Bank feel cheated. The closure has a negative impact on our local Community, many of our older residents have serious mobility issues and find it difficult to travel even to places like Chester Hill but it also means they often have to wait longer times to be served while in pain.

The local Bank branch had an important place in our community especially for busy local businesses, again people working often 14 – 16 hour days it was convenient to have a place to pick up change, do daily transactions and do business efficiently and quickly.

Our Community wont take this blow lying down, Regents Park has a history of fighting back.

We would have thought the Executives of the Commonwealth Bank would be a bit more sensitive towards Communities after the scandals of the last few years and the rorts exposed by the Banking Royal Commission.

The Commonwealth Bank has a poster in the window of our local branch and it says “We’re here to support you however we can.”

We aim to hold them to their words.