Our Website is back online.

We are in the process of collating old material from our former website and developing new content for the Battler Webpage.

The Battler is a grassroots community organisation active in the suburbs of Auburn, Berala, Clyde, Granville, Lidcombe and Regents Park.

We are a secular organisation and our members represent a cross section of ethnic and religious backgrounds in our Community. Our members come from a range of Political backgrounds, former Labor and Liberal Party members sick of the divisive politics of the Big Parties, sick of people who use our communities to advance their own political careers at the expense of ordinary people. Many of our members have no political background but understand the need for our Community to stand up to overdevelopment, bad planning, dirty Industries, noise pollution, traffic congestion and the lack of local services. Our aim is to unite as many people and organisations at a local level to help improve our communities, to improve and protect our local environment, to protect our heritage and campaign for better infrastructure.

Residents living in Western Sydney have been the poor cousins for far too long, we have suffered an unfair burden of increased population density and overdevelopment without proper infrastructure. The Battler argues its about time we balanced the scales, that population is distributed more evenly, that jobs and public infrastructure are funded in our communities, that we get our fair share of funds for Schools, Train Services and Hospitals.

The Battler campaigns for Local Democracy, for a full participative Democracy where residents can make decisions about their local environment, what gets built nextdoor, in our street and in the local village/town centre. We believe Democracy is more than electing a Councillor every four years, its about our Councillors being accountable, reporting back to residents regularly and the right of residents to recall a non performing Councillor.

The Battler supports the dis amalgamation of Cumberland Council, the restoration of Auburn Council and the restructuring of Council with a larger number of smaller wards. Local Government for us is small Government that is close to the people, where residents know their Councillors and where residents can make sure the Councillors are working in our interests.

The Battler is about defending and organising ordinary working people in our Communities, about bringing our talents together, about giving a voice to those without a voice and empowering our communities.